What’s in the Container?

Wow have you seen all those containers at the port, lately. here What’s in them?

Due to the sale /takeover by a chic consortium from the ‘funny but drunken breed‘ consortium, we are getting to find out all about our port security or lack thereof. Its not due to Dubai, UAE, DPW or chic consortium. Its not even due to the ‘funny but drunken breed’ consortium. They manage the containers, they don’t look inside them. That’s security’s job.

Maybe our senators who are so concerned about 9/11 and security could answer the questions?? If these questions get addressed then this P&O change of owner will be well worth it. The congress people are right to go after information that should have been their’s without asking.

The Coast Guard informed all attention that they don’t have enough guards and that not even 1 in 5 containers is checked.

Today we have been exposed to the concept of ‘takeover’ and ‘consortium’. The British P&O may be considered a consortium. Yet DPW may not. DPW is 100% financed by a consortium of many international banks. definition of consortium ===>here<==

There is a problem with the President’s maritime guy, David C. Sanborn, formerly of DPW. ===>here<==. Of course it is not a coincidence. The President could have announced that DPW is buying P&O and it makes sense to have one of their guys on board his team. But like BIG Dad he knew what was best for us. Don’t bother BIG Dad. The President needs to put the details out on the table just like everybody else who is involved is doing.

I mean the ‘funny but drunken breed’ put it out that they chose money over being #1. If they had just taken Singapore’s bid they would have produced the #1 shipping concern. Now, sadly, renamed P&O will be just #3 as DPW. Citi and Rothschild told P&O that DPW had a good thing going. Blame them.

Could we just hurry up with all this so we can watch the reality shows. Lay, Skilling & H-word that ends with “n”‘ and the ‘Supremes spin and scratch’?? I really do hope they are on at different times. So much to watch, so little time to watch. Also, I have to get back to appraising my air space.

As to 9/11 security and Dubai being the nest egg for the WTC destroyers. Who buys gasoline in this country and who is wearing a diamond ring? Think about it. Many a trusted stranger, European countries, have nested the roots of the WTC destroyers.

I am no fan of Bush. He is a divider. Integrity states that he should have presented all the facts to Congress and asked for a decision. Integrity is a huge part of the ideals we call ‘democracy’. I am always hoping that he will exceed my expectations. Maybe some day he will.

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