Inside, Fly Bottles are Happier than Larders

In this week’s mail, Forbes‘ newsletter, coverage from the ‘undercover economist’, Tim Harford, “Money Doesn’t Make People Happy,” published on Valentine’s day.

I have learned from Forbes on Happiness before:
Is Happiness Just a Buzz?

From this Forbes’ article I learn again. This time that Happiness is Relative to Comparisons.

Oswald at Warwick could be the apple of Bubbleboy’s eye in this quote:

‘Once a country has filled its larders, there is no point in the nation becoming richer.”

Would Bubba putt that there is no point in the nation becoming poorer?

Oh well, its not like we’ve vowed in any sort of sanctimosity of ‘for richer or poorer, to d**** do we part.”

It was the comparative novelty, Will Wilkinson’s fly bottle of Positive Externalities of Positional Preferences, where I found happier:

in ‘fear of falling behind’ (wherein I saw Cheney),

‘expected status payoff’ (I see Rover) and

creates rationality in ‘entrepreneurial gambles’ (BB signing off on contracts without Senate pre-qualification).

It furthered the question, can money make you happy?

Mr. Harford holds up H.L. Mencken comparative vernacular,
so that we can vainly uncover nothing newer than the above-stated Wilkinson’s happiness cover.
The Forbes’ ‘uncoverer’s Mencken usage is more interestingly uncovered at wikipedia. Monkeys and in 1931, the legislature of the state of Arkansas passed a motion to pray for Mencken’s soul, after he had raised the state to the “apex of moronia”.

The Forbes‘ scribe wonders: ‘can happiness economists offer tips for happier living’?
At this point in the article I depart so you can reap the greater benefit of further comparisons that might prove more fruitful for you. So that I can study unit pricing and APR… so that I might pass a test. Truth in Lending requires APR. Yet truth is, you need to get the truth from each lender to truly hap in to the ‘i-ness’ thing. Unit pricing required by most states, yields “Remember, the larger the package is not always the best buy. It pays to know the unit price.”

Expectations, comparisons, larder, revenge…not me…Did I suspect that February would be a month for martyrs or possibly one of love? No, not I. March is the month of expectations. Shall I leave my comparisons behind and find true happiness after the Kalends of March?



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