Emily started off with Skateboards…

and she is the definition of ‘anti-cool.’

Who is Emily? Dark Comics, interviews Rob Reger:

“I first printed Emily on a shirt for a friend who ran a shop that I sold tees to in Santa Cruz. It was a design created by Nathan Carrico for Santa Cruz skateboards.”–Dark Comics

Well, to say the least to Shaun White, move over or be anti-cool–because there is the Cosmic Crew —>did I not tell you there was something to this Virgin Galactic(r)(TM) thing?

Going strong for over a decade Emily still maintains her intrigue for fans? Who is she?…

She has a fan club, newsletters, tons of distribution….A person could really learn from some of Emily’s philosophy: “Get Lost”–Who is Emily?

A roommate at the loft gave me a clipping of how Emily got started. She thought I should be doing the cartoon thing. That got me started, I posted Emily’s poster ‘Have you Seen Her?’ right outside of my canvas walls. It was a hit being a key question in the house about meow.

I forgot to say that my five or six roommates at that loft were terrific. I’d be wrong to call it ‘friends’. Though people often wandered right into our open door asking for cafe au lait. It was the anti-cool club. They were truly supportive. I miss them. My roommates here are also supportive. One of them got me a logo job for a doctor. Roommates are good to have around.

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