What to do with the I that comes after XL?

We better start working on SuperBowl 2007 now. While 007 is excitedly in the picture, what in the world are we going to do with the “I”?

Will the SuperBowl become XLi-superbowl. An extra large i-superbowl crowd in favor of everyone in the stadium stands i-Pod Video’d on to the most forensic detail of every yardline and rollover?

Advertisers are going to have to learn the art of striptease if they don’t want to give the whole 9 yards away before the show again. The three ads: Favio, Nationwide, and what?…that was a strip tease. That should be all we get before the show.

To date this much is known about still named Super Bowl XLI:

“South Florida — Feb. 4, 2007 on CBS.
“Super Bowl XLI will be the record-tying (New Orleans) ninth Super Bowl played in the Miami area. Super Bowl XLI will be the fourth Super Bowl played at Dolphins Stadium. The other five Miami Super Bowls were played at the Orange Bowl.”–The Official website of Superbowl XL

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