real Search Engines dOn’t eat links!

Now you might think that this Blogger Flag is not an issue, think again. There are tons of great writers who are being flagged by Blogger Flaggerettes and Flaggeronzos. To put it politely, mainstream and less mainstream alternatives can’t stand the freedom of the press or maybe they are just so use to saluting flags that, well, oops.

Here’s one person who has been flagged. I got the link from Technorati, because real search engines don’t eat links.
You are not going to believe this

Back to my posting purpose: “What kind of h*o*t gets censored?”
Why do some ‘hots’ get listed within four (4) hours and other ‘hots’ never?

Last night, I had three (3) ‘hot’ posts concerning how Playboy as a business entity is doing rather well and why are some on bixth avenue saying otherwise?

Would Blogger Searching have all the answers?

Blogger Searches for “Playboy”

The Daily Memo – 3/1/0619 hours ago by QuizLaw
In a turn of irony (considering this morning’s discussion of Playboy’s trouble with Jessica Alba), it appears that Playboy has itself sued two Miami Beach clubs which allegedly used unauthorized Playboy photographs in promoting in-club …

SEX BLOG:: Today’s Sex News For Your Sexual Interest – 3/2/061 hour ago by SexyEdandDonna
Former Playmate Appeals to US Supreme Court. Former stripper and Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith appeared before the US Supreme Court hoping to win a multimillion dollar inheritance case…

Societal Norms: The Nonreality13 hours ago by Eva Blair
In Playboy Joins the Battle of the Sexes and in The Importance of Being Oprah, it is implied that society believes that women are supposed to serve the mans every need and want.

Blogger Searches for ‘hot’

4 hours ago: More Cable Stats Reveal VoIP is Hot

Edinburgh: “Date” a “Hot” Scot “Contest”

British Radicals Flap Their Pie Holes Over Hot Cross Buns

Hot or Not?

Retro Kappa Gear is Hot

The ‘Best of Trendy’ three, written last night and not yet listed:
Jessica Alba makes March Faces in the News
Why is Stacked so Hot?
Is Playboy Post-Hot or Not?

After all a Blogger listing isn’t the be all to end all —
see Technorati link:

Interesting point about the word ‘exposure’ brought up in the above link. When one sues a culture will they be around in 15 years? This will be an interesting case. I also have had pictures published wherein permission was not given. However, I never took jobs of and affiliated with any business of an unclad nature. I have empathy for you. The catchall lingo is in the model’s release. I wish Jessica Alba tons of success in her endeavour.

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