International Women’s Day, a Day for Humanity

My contribution to this day is something I wrote at the beginning of the week.

Is a Woman’s Worth Less than 50 cents when it comes to real world speak?

The world today is real and alive with wonderful thoughts about women in honor of International Women’s Day.

The BBC has a slide show of some of the protests for the day worldwide.

Blog against Sexism Day brings points for society to rethink the status of women worldwide. via vegan kid

I was so very lucky to find these inspirational words from activist monkey:

” Let’s table all the restrictive anti-abortion legislation and take all that energy and all that money and address the violence and the social inequalities that make abortion a necessary option first.”–activist monkey

I am looking forward to reading more from “Blog against Sexism Day” when I return from yoga this evening. I love the title of this blog event because all genders, all humanity, might be considered when the word ‘sexism’ is used.

It is so important for the individual to not accept less than they are worth and to know indeed that they are worth alot. In my own life I have experienced so much sexism from men, from all countries. I have also experienced much sexism from women, likewise. I was the woman boss. As a certified network engineer and principal software developer I found myself as manager all too often. I never let the initial sexist try bring me down. I tried to find our commonality. I know that I am lucky. I look soft and lovely but I am tough as naugahide. Perhaps raising myself in NYC has produced my leather. I truly understand the plight of women in the domestic scene, I’ve been there.

An example of how time and sexism has past in the United States is the history of both my grandmothers. They were born in the United States of American parents in 1901 and 1905. They both managed to be amazing entrepreneurs and raise families. Both were married to the same man all their life, to death do us part. One of those grandmothers divorced and married the same man. They had spirit. So we must really keep our spirit and really do the best for ourselves and our families. I think its alright to worship the ground your man walks on. Its fun actually. Just make sure he’s doing the same for you and better. Its alright if your boss is a man. And its alright if you are a boss to a man. I know that coming from an ancestry that only includes pioneers of the U.S.A. that I might have more privilege than women from other parts of the world. However, I was married to a Pakistani for quite a few years in my 20s and I found that the women in his family were better respected, had far easier education opportunities and better health care and safety than women in my immediate family experienced.

I think you can never predict who actually is the victim of sexism. Let’s just try not to assume anything of anyone based on their sex, color or age. Energy is so precious, imagine if we just put it to the best use, how light our life would be.



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