As far as taxed, no, not all tobacco products are…

As far as addictive and bad for your health, yes all products with nicotine or nicotine substitutes are…

Any tobacco prevention ad that may have been on this site is not being promoted by me. I am trying to block the urls in the adsense control. If this effort to be in sense with the content becomes too much I just won’t use google for ads. I like their analytics. Other affiliates ad programs have analytics along with the choice of who you will market. Its the better way, I am finding.

Ok. Stepping off my smug and smarmy, I must admit the contrast of these stop smoking products point out the flaws in the ‘quit smoking campaign’. If you make a buck off of someone’s misfortune, I don’t think you can truly help them, no matter how incredibly well meaning your intention is.

I believe that governments should give cost free, the best help to those who are addicted to nicotine. That the government should find ways to reach out to the smoker. Ways that don’t take away dignity and freedom. Quite a lot of people become nicotine addicted as children. Their parents somehow leave their cigarettes available or smoke on the child.

Sometimes we can learn from other’s lives. There are five children in my family. Ooh, you can bet not one smoked under that roof. One of my brothers married a smoker. They have children who I doubt will ever smoke. My brother is gifted with the finesse of strictness with large sides of love. He’s incredibly brilliant, so why a smoker? Love can also bring you smoke. Another brother’s ex raised two of his boys. She smokes. One of the boys is so fastidious I am sure he told his mom exactly where she could put her smoke. The other boy is, nicely put, adventurous. He smokes and has a pocketful of addictions. One of my sisters, the last child, smoked, quit, smoked and finally quit for the child she was expecting. Rest assured there was never liquor or tobacco in our house. She picked it up in junior high school. She hasn’t smoked since the last quit, that was eight years ago. So there you have it, a big mixed bag, another reason why, in the game of nicotine, there are no rules. Its one freakin’ hard game to play. Hey I am even playing it due to the fact that I live with a city that never stops smoking.

I’ve been dumpster diving for cigarette butts today. Found these, maybe you would like to read / listen to them?

tax coupons and no tax Kool Cigarette and cigarette Tax Backlash and
Studies Show Bidis And Smoking Products Are No Safer Than Conventional Cigarettes
Kids and Beadies
Indian Chic
A New Passage to India

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