Did I do that?

I looked at my last blog post this morning. Wow! I am a bit better this morning.

I think the most important part of ‘sometimes you feel like a heart’ is sometimes.

This guy I met in a forum emails now and then. We have these great little pieces about art. Will we ever come to a conclusion? Do we need to come to a conclusion?

He wrote:
“But today who can pretend to make art? What’s art? Now? Just Another business market? Artist are brands, Art, the product and then its price value and popularity makes it. Point.”

I replied:
“I never started off as an artist, at least not in school. I always created, music, art. Am I an artist? No, I think not. Am I a creator, yes. I get ideas and I evolve on them. That is why my art teachers are in awe, yet don’t know what to do with them. The sculptor teacher said my art was organic, like it was a dirty word or nicer put, voodoo. She screamed at me because I wanted to talk about my creation, not do it. She talked about her already made creation, why? Its done. She rewarded those who were doing, getting awards. Yet they can’t talk about their work, they admit to not knowing their whys?

Did we ever know what art was? I always thought it was craft. I think art and brand mean the same thing. I think all those companies buying screen shots of Joshua Davis are just ‘hiding under the skirts of art’. Why? Maybe its the energy they are inspired by, yet aren’t they stopping it? Some of those companies have a beautiful design. I think they should be improving the art of the environment and the human condition. That would be exciting.”

It will be interesting to read this post sometime in the future and see where I am at and how delirious I might still be. In a way this post is my desk drawer.

My roommates are so interesting. Saturday’s this apartment takes on a new life. I always miss the activity because I am already gone out into the wonderful world of NYC. Today I am still with sore throat, so I am here.

I sent one roommate an email I got from Daily Candy (go there, its fun, you must subscribe!):
Big Apple Jazz/EZ’s Woodshed, 2236 7th Ave, between 131st and 132nd Streets (212-283-5299 or bigapplejazz.com). It turns out she might be singing there.

The other roommate is a chef at a posh place in town. She’s off to have fun in the city, maybe bringing home a broadway show review.

And me, I have to stay in because of my throat. I’ll be working on my studio in little bits and maybe, just maybe clean out the refrigerator…else it won’t get done. I never use it because of its ‘used’ status. I am thinking about using it in the future. If I do end up cleaning up the frig, I am going to post 3 simple rules of use for it on the front. I’ll let you know about the rules later…


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