Sometimes I like to Break the Rules

I started into the studio project today. Could I do H.O.A.S.T. this year or would it again become toast. Last year I had Trading Spaces interested in my life in the NYC and unfortunately, it took forever to get the landlord to sign off.

Should I make things really complicated and try to get the same interest and include H.O.A.S.T.? That would be like getting two birds cooked with one pot. Since I never cook meat, I really don’t know how that would work out.

I was looking at some of the sculptures that I had left unfinished when I got sick. They seemed to draw away my energy. I looked at my sumi-e, nice, but is it me? How about the expressionist paintings from the early 90s. hmm Should I go for some of my heady causes as a theme. All of the above seemed so forcing. I thought let me do “Sometimes I Like To Break the Rules”. I didn’t research if that had been done as a particular theme by anyone in the modern world. So I am going for it. I think its a great way of embracing all that I’ve done and then, whack, break the rules. Anyway, I sure can talk and teach about the art. Maybe that will be my saving grace.

I was reading on a blog the other day about the spelling and meaning of words. The rule is you’ve got to spell it right. Well this blogger misspelled every single word in a paragraph. She proved that you could still read what she had typed.

I spent a half hour on the virtual making of a design from one of my notan heart series, then I made a pattern. I broke the rule of spacing for patterns. Then I pushed in the flow of opposites in Notan. Did I create something that ‘sometimes you don’t heart my Art’? Well then, that’s what I did. So what are you going to do about that? Anyway one of my teachers would huff, you are going to succeed on that one by the seat of your pants. I loved that teacher. I love all my teachers. I really believe in learning from others. I believe in schools as long as they believe, I am their consumer.

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