Sometimes you just feel like a heart

Sometimes you just feel like a heart…
bubblegumvision studios c2006

Yesterday I had to stay home from work, I was too sick. Its been years since I called in sick to work. I had such a demanding sore throat, I just couldn’t think or move.

My emailpal ex wrote, ‘why are you not sleeping, why are you still in email. ! 🙂 ‘

I created some jewelry as the answer and emailed it back. I wonder what he will answer? Obviously, one doesn’t need to think to create.

The anti-chump manifesto took a breather–

all of the chumps have been spoken to. Its pretty funny that they knew they were hunted chumps. Word moves fast when there is smoke. Once caught, they pledged that they were going to start smoking on the roof (which is right above us)….oh no!

I went outside for a walk to get some fresh air. On the way out a pack of chumps were smoking on the building’s stoop. I overheard ‘we are going to have a barbeque tomorrow if the good weather keeps up.’ And they will, they’ll have it right there on that stoop. They seemed really happy about the upcoming event. Cheers!

I think some people just love the element of fire. Fire sure is a loaded word. There are over 780 million links for fire in google.

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