Marketer’s dream just got bigger…

The lavalife ad in the subway and on NYC corners reads:

A couple met playing poker in 2004 and are arranging a poker wedding in 2006.

It sounds like this love sport takes longer …than football or a few minutes telling a guy about his reputation at the bar. Poker takes a good deal longer cause you’ve got to figure out your Player. Your success in the game is determined on how well ‘you’ can read ‘him’…[and all variations of ‘you’ and ‘him’ and ‘her’ therein]

Is it a matter of when the chips are down, throw the hat?
My greatgrandfather was the town jeweller. When the store closed my greatgrandmother would run on down to the bar to see if he’d throw her a hat. If he did, that mean’t the game wasn’t going so fast, and she would be right on in to grab him home for supper.

Lavalife and PartyPoker want to help you sharpen your marketing tactics in some Poker Play. You still have time to check out the total gambler to learn how to “observe and conquer.”

May you have the luck of an Irish Penny in Poker and in Love.
“Lavalife is running an exclusive Poker Tournament with PartyPoker, the world’s largest poker room. It’s a 12 week, no-limit, Texas Hold’em Tournament. Qualifying Tournaments will be held every Thursday night starting March 23. There’s $25,000 in prizes including an all expenses paid vacation for 2 to Club Med in the Turks & Caicos Islands. “


Real Search Engines Don’t Eat Links


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