I hope he’s seen the Government Naked…

I am up in the cigarette smoke somewhere within the structures of this huge prewar building since yesterday. We don’t know what to do, we’ve tried everything. Have we failed?

To the rescue came “I’ve Seen a Lot of Famous People Naked, and They’ve Got Nothing on You!”

This is a book by Jake Steinfeld on the “business secrets from the ultimate street-smart entrepreneur.”

Bubble me up some magic, this is the answer to the please stop smoking on me – anti-chump manifesto.

I’ve got to treat the government like its my business. This book will help, its got street smarts.

For instance…

“go to failure and beyond…”
I’ve failed to get the right apartment for my clean air life for way too many years.
Jake says ‘failure isn’t fatal. Live it. Learn it. Leave it in the dust!”
Under ‘up in smoke’ :

“Can failure knock the wind out of you? Sure. Should it absolutely kick your
buttismo? No. Don’t be a wimp! Some things aren’t going to work out. It
happens….Every great entrepreneur has experienced failure. None of them have
been failures!”

wow that’s a bite for my anti-chump diet. Thanks Jake!

I hope you now see, what Trendy sees. The Government is just as naked as anyone Jake has seen. They are an entrepreneur wannabe when it comes to tobacco control. They’ve taken a wrong turn with all these rules and wimpy quit smoking programs. The focus is not the number of people who have quit smoking, its the number who are still smoking. The government has to really reach out and offer rebates on programs that work such as the Tobacco Treatment Services for Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Weekend to Quit or Berkshires.

As I was trying to locate the next weekend to quit (when? call them and ask), I found the following from trytostop.org.

“Due to budget cuts, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health no longer has funding to support tobacco treatment programs in the community. The following programs continue to operate, although each program has had to make changes to the range of services provided and the fee structure. Please call each program directly for more information. “

People in Massachusetts you have to write your representatives. Ask Why?

For all people in the United States here is the link to find out who and where your representatives are. Write them and ask them to help locate free quit smoking services that are as good as the Weekend to Quit or Berkshires. Don’t allow the government just to pass off nicotine-drugs to people or leave people stranded. Stand up and be counted as a non-smoker. Its your i-Life!!
You get a merit badge if you get someone to quit smoking.


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