B.O.T.’s Laptop Takes a Spring Break

My laptop has decided after two years that it needs a Spring Break. Its off to someplace in Florida. At least, that’s what the Best Buy travel agent said. Outsourcing…wink, wink.

Other very attractive competitors to my widescreen emachine laptop have been courting me. Alas, I am monogamous, a one laptop geekess.

So I’ll not be blogging again until after [undecided]. Check http://thebestoftrendy.com on April 15, 2006[in blogger’s limbo, another domain]. Moveabletype is happening as we speak. I’ll be working on my tv show, books and stores. An ex tried to console me upon the impending separation anxiety, “Its not like you don’t have a million businesses to work on.” Maybe my poor laptop’s breakdown is a good thing for me. I guess I have been working it too hard.

Adios and Hasta La Vista…..


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