Is the Drink in your head? World Water Day

I literally ran into Starbucks sponsored protesters on the lunchtime streets of Maddening Manhattan today.   The protest is for clean and free water.

How did water become such a loaded topic?  It used to be that New York City water was rated higher than perrier.   We never had filters on our taps, filtered bottles in the fridge and bulk packaged water taking up most of the kitchen.    So when did things change?   I never drink water out of the tap.  When I do I get sick.   However, in yoga the guys fill up their bottles from the tap and they survive.   Have I succumbed to modern day advertising about how pure and minerally good the water is?  Or is the water really bad?

Last week’s 4th world water forum.  here

“These people believe water is a human right. They want to work toward solving the world’s serious water problems not by empowering corporations, but by empowering local people. It’s a conflict of ideologies with little room for compromise, and the players are facing off at the fourth World Water Forum in the world’s largest metropolis.”–sfgate

In the past Evian has had problems with their bottled water being impure.  In yoga class a few weeks ago, the teacher stopped class and asked students who had smart water bottles to look inside for the fish.  I asked later and the inside of the bottle has an image of a goldfish.  Big deal.  Anyway smart water had a good thing going with its first bottle labeling.  Levels of smartness were marked off until you had imbibed the whole bottle.  Then you were a genius.  Now its goldfish and cellular levels.  I drink Trinity.  This bottled water need is hilarious.  I am well below poverty level, with no public assistance, and I drink bottled water.  If you want to get your product marketed as hot, go find a water bottle marketer.



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