A Guide to Billionaire Sex-i-ness

Today Forbes has helped this story along a great deal via Billionaire Horoscopes.  They have weighed all the heavies by horoscope and here's the score from top to bottom:

Virgos  613 of 719

Now how would I ever be able to find out if they were good in bed (sex).  It was a wierd science but I did it.  I took the horoscope sign and matched it with celebrities known for their reputation.  Yes women do come up to them and let them know, they've heard they were good in bed.

So which virgos have such highly esteemed reputations?

Sean Connery (we all know Bond scored)

Hugh Grant ('Love Actually')

Charlie Sheen ('ergo, the booty call')

The world's richest man is a Scorpio and so are the world's sexiest men, Prince Charles, Matthew McConaughey, Ethan Hawke, Leonardo DaCaprio, Chris Noth,  Sam Shepard (from the past, John F. Kennedy, Richard Burton)

wow!… billionaires, horoscopes, sex, and celebrities.

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