Contextual Dating

Will you be google romancing now that it is available?

I have been away from my laptop since Thursday.  I went up to the mountains to celebrate my ex's birthday.

When I came back tonight my roommate tells me this woman that came to visit last week has been asking all kinds of questions about me.   As is usual in this house when there is a computer question of any kind, its knock knock on my door.  My roommate wanted me last week to help this woman get her picture on  I made the most of her pictures and walked them through upload.   I also shook my head as I said good luck.  Anyway the end of that story is the woman decided not to do the thing.

I did 10 years ago.  I just played around with it.  My previous ex and I had decided after two years of separation that we weren't going to spend another valentines together.  So I thought why not see what this is about.  I might actually meet someone who is not a drummer. Wouldn't that be interesting? 

I tried it a few times and did meet interesting people, an English professor, published poet and ghostwriter, a prolific psychotherapist and a daytrader.   From the start of our meetings, I saw some habits I probably couldn't go for, i.e. showing up way too late, talking about an ex-girlfriend or ex-wife the whole time, still we became good friends, at least not strangers, under the constraints of the time we had.

I spent all day and a good part of the night with one person.  I thought it was suppose to be for just 15 minutes?   He made the mistake at the end saying I 'owed' him a kiss.  Think again buddy.   Anyway, my bottom line was maybe its best to meet in the context of the real world, preferably my world and not's.

Is that what Google is offering me, real world contextual dating and romance?  Or will Google be like my yenta and do I really need a yenta, who is additionally and conditionally, contextual to every tap of my fingers?

I was suspcious of the April 1st release, still the first is the first of the real month of romance, April.

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