Design Star’s Worst Team Player

Last week it was Ramona.

There are alot of twist and turns in the new HGTV reality show, “Design Star” and that makes it interesting. For instance, one of the show’s judges, designer Cynthia Rowley ends before ‘a word from our sponsor’ with “Ramona has passion, that’s what a designer needs.” At the end of the show, the problem child of the project’s form and aesthetics, Ramona, is a cancel. She is told she is the worst team player.

“Of all the contestants, Ramona, an unusual scavenger person, and Teman and Teron Evans, twins with architecture degrees from Harvard, seem to promise the most excitement. Ramona’s decision to paint in their shared house a big mural of a fellow contestant, a former Miss Utah named Temple McDowell, is hard even to comprehend. But when the design work is just painting and furnishing by the numbers, it’s thrilling just to see something you haven’t seen before.”–New York Times, “… Competition with Life’s Lessons Thrown In

It will be interesting to see how the judges further define team player on this show.

If a team player isn’t fitting in or messing up the overall project plan other members’ team talent should shine through by integrating “personal” work into a professional choice. Alice Walker was the team player that came closest to this ideal. A teamplayer evolution out of this crew of self-absorbed designers could make the show a #1 reality show for this season.


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