Amazon Unplugged =_=

I was plugged by a Plog today on Amazon. Don’t worry it just caused a tilt of the head forward, then a right and left turn of the head. No harm done.

While Inside the Amazon I found a few rule of Plogs (definitions for this plugging exist in various forms, a customer’s blog, an author’s blog or Amazon’s blog?)

A few of the rules:

If marketer has authored at least one book in Amazon distribution, may proceed to plug product into the Amazon Long Tail (i.e., the act of Plog).

Customers only:

Each customer once logged in, could be plogged, could, might.

The customer might get a chance to give feedback on the plog, it might be read. There might be a conversation?

The Plog that hit me reminded me of a trough unplugged.

I ventured away quickly, quietly, to the i-street. Were there any conversations about plogging….whoa…from 2004 and I’m in with the crowd (Plogs, channelized shovel marketing.) However, the wisdom of the crowd does not really rule at Amazon for such things as plogs. Sometimes I even wonder at the Long Tail of it all. The Long Tail is truly a wonder. I am even asking myself, is small big or big small? And if I ever get unplugged, should I just keep plugging Amazon?

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