An Idea by any other name would smell as sweet?

Pod that is, Jade Pod.

Latest word on Jade Jagger’s best deal in Chelsea (make that central Chelsea), NYC, is that 500 people are on the waiting list for the 57 apartments at Jade by Jagger. Under $1 million is a steal in Chelsea, even if the rooms are smaller than most apartments, these apartments have Pod.

The idea of Pod, be it cube or living out of a suitcase, be you bohemian or just rad nomad, is that at the end of the day everything is nice and neat and put away so that you can go out to play.

The June 2006 pictures from Real Estate Observer.

Triple Mint, Jade by Jagger 16 West 19th Street

The latest scoop from Australia Property “Pod People Pay Up“.

And did you know there is a photorazzi [stock photos] Jade Jagger page.

Paparazzi go to the end of the line, you’ve been cancelled in Web 2.0.

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