A breakup with "A" key leads to questions about Value

Geekboy thought it was hilarious when I told him my laptop’s “A” key broke. [He already had an image of me typing 200 wpm with an “A” key flipping over the Harlem dividing line
outside my window.] Not funny when the letter “A” is of the essence in one of your blogs and Vanna is off somewhere clapping.

A visit to Staples business-rewarded and rebated me with a Logitech Cordless Desktop (MX3000 Laser Mouse and wireless keyboard) for under $50.

I am in beyond-my-expectations heaven. This Cordless Desktop has an iPod section on the keyboard that lets me operate media, shuffle, playlist and so much more in the iPod style I expect.

Ok, so the Delete key and Insert key are not in the proper place at all. And really who needs code keys for maneuvers you already have put into play?

The laser mouse is right on target, laser fast! and squeeze buttons and no buttons. Its amazing! I did not even open up a manual. My hands intuitively knew their place.

Logitech MX Laser might not be the Mighty Mouse but it sure is Almighty. Thank God for “A” keys that pop off.

p.s. After the Staples purchase, I went to Amazon for comparison shopping. At Staples, Mouse and Keyboard cost me under $50. At Amazon, the price is much, much higher. Amazon used to have a link where you could submit competitive prices and they would bring the price down, no more. This product has no reviews, its been totally neglected. Why? Because Amazon depends on its customers to plug in the marketing data. I never noticed Product Wikis before. Are they new? Mashables and Church of the Customer were nurturing this value emotion back in November 2005. pray [or be prey] here

More and more customers are becoming Amazon’s marketers, yet at what price, what value? Admittedly I’ll insert an Amazon channel product if it is “relevant” to the post. I’ve never made a penny on any of my ad efforts.

So what in heaven’s name inspires me to work for Amazon for free? I like the value of the product image, putting down a price on it and hopefully there might be Long Tail data. I want to make consuming a more valuable experience. So it is, with a collaborative spirt, that I offer Amazon’s Logitech MX Laser and Keyboard below.


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