Bloggers, Lovers?

and … Journalists, Amateur Bloggers?

There are abundant links to traditional media and its worker bees stamping Amateur on Bloggers and other i-street gangs that take fame before money. From roaring lions in Cannes (Is Context Cheap?) to CBS upon an HBO clips YouTubing premiere (free marketing, free exposure YouTube: Love It or Fight It? ) to a Marketocracy of virtual traders, top 100 amateurs receive a portion of the management fee received by the Marketocracy Masters 100 Fund (MOFQX)(See Amateur Power, 2004, Forbes).

From negative to positive, the established guards guard their power? or Do they love their Lovers?

Wall Street Journal, Jurgenson, Moguls of New Media, July 29, 2006.

“The greatest hope of most Web amateurs is to cross over into “old media” outlets like TV networks and Hollywood. The flagship crossover star in digital entertainment is known by one name: Brookers.”

This gets complicated. Jurgenson, points us to YouTuber, Brookers (now engaged to MTV, YouTube Viral Video Star Gets TV Deal ), who only states “I’ll never understand it,” as “the” star. Isn’t MySpace digital entertainment? Jurgenson has already established the crossover star from MySpace, Forbidden. Forbidden, aka Christine Dolce, crossed over into her own business, marketing and profiting on MySpace, just as rock bands are businesses on MySpace.

“Christine Dolce, whose MySpace page boasts nearly one million friends — making her arguably one of the most connected people on the Internet… she now has a manager and a start-up jeans company and has won promotional deals for two mainstream consumer brands.”

On August 1, 2006, blogspotter, Amanda Unboomed, writes an open letter to Old Media, she has been mentioned also in the “Moguls of New Media”‘ article.

“The greatest hope of most Web professionals is to continue working online and to be paid what they are worth while doing so…. P.S. OM, hire better consultants, please… ones that are familiar with this space because they live in it not because they’ve researched living in it.”–Amanda Congdon

Unfortunately for Amanda, Andrew of Rocketboom, has put forth in various media that Amanda was wooing Hollywood or at least had great Hollywood aspirations. In general, I am right on with her statement about lack of research done by the priesthood.

Joi Ito’s spin on the Amateurs debate is a great read. A year earlier, he defends the creative rights of amateurs:

“Monopolistic professional organizations such as rights collection agencies, the Hollywood lobbies and Microsoft are hurting the ability for amateur artists from participating by creating technology and legislation that focuses exclusively on protection instead of the sharing of creativity.”–Joi Ito’s web: Amateurs vs. Professionals, March 5, 2005.

Joi Ito also reminds the reader that words have their roots:

“Also, “amateur” might be the right word if we can revert to the original Latin root – amtor meaning “lover, devoted friend, devotee, enthusiastic pursuer of an objective”.

His readers further comment:

In France, on the other hand, ‘amateur’ (move the stress to the second syllable and roll that ‘r’) is a term of high praise. Nothing could be better than something done for love.–Antoin

Bravo! I am such an amateur of people who do their research.

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