Giving Visibility a Beta Try, Microsoft Window Live Ideas

One of the Ideas from Microsoft Windows Live is conquering ‘invisi-business” (when your business is invisible).

The mission of Windows Live Ideas is to your give your business a web presence.

Microsoft Live Office Beta comes in three business stages:

Live Basics

Live Collaboration

Live Essential

I signed up for Live Basics. I am really into collaboration. Since Ray Ozzie is Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect and created the first social networking app, Lotus Notes, the experience promises INCREDIBLE. Keep up with Ray Ozzie in his live spaces.

I have a number of new niche sites on my ‘Just Do It!’ list. I chose one to implement on Microsoft Windows Live. The service is free through Beta. You are asked for your credit card for security verification purposes. My site name will be verified tomorrow. Meanwhile the Live Basics are available for use. I like the experience so far, just fill in the template business theory and add the business logo. I’ll post about my experience through all the stages of ‘Live Ideas’ on this blog.

I found the Window Live Ideas beta site by searching Alexa’s Search Top 500 for Lebanon. The Live Ideas site,, is the #4 site.

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