If Xena Shows Up at Your Door, Could You Please…

Some say Xena is cute:

Here is a description of cute.

“Cuteness is distinct from beauty, researchers say, emphasizing rounded over sculptured, soft over refined, clumsy over quick. Beauty attracts admiration and demands a pedestal; cuteness attracts affection and demands a lap. Beauty is rare and brutal, despoiled by a single pimple. Cuteness is commonplace and generous, content on occasion to cosegregate with homeliness.

Observing that many Floridians have an enormous affection for [Xena], [she] looks like an overfertilized potato with a sock puppet’s face [and weighs 10,000 lbs]”– Dr. Reep, author with Robert K. Bonde of “The Florida Manatee: Biology and Conservation, from the —Cuteness Factor

So if you should be walking, biking or running away from the Hudson River and you happen to see something like that, it might be Xena. Contact this org.

Manatee cruises Hudson River

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