The Execution of a #1 Reality Show

Once again, a half of a half of a reality show for me. Picking up the end of “Design Star” is pretty easy. That speaks well for them. They also break in a way that you have to be back in your seat before the show starts up again. They make you want to know what in the world is going to happen next.

I think the judge part of this show is its most intriguing element.

The duo that has become known for their beauty and battle and design scandal were pulled out of the designing group for their audience with the judges. Both had charms, both had problems, one didn’t have design star talent. That one had to go. Who was it?

One was an execution nightmare, produced much discontent among her team players and promised the client much more than her team could deliver. i.e she was not considerate of her team and their talents.

The other beauty was a hard worker but lacked overall design vision.

This time around the team players were asked who they thought had to go. That raised the ante, the cumulative total emphasized where the design star dimmed. The votes were evenly placed 3 for Donna and 3 for Temple.

Soon it will be the audience who will be asked who will be “the” Design Star. Do you know?

See also: Design Star’s bios and the Episode Clips (on Monday)

Episode 1: Design Star’s Worst Player
Episode 2: Design Star Dims Light on Promising Player
Episode 3: Theme Translations Separate the Designers from the Stars



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