Passion for P words

I finally watched Paris Hilton’s video. So that’s what you are suppose to do with your photographer? Alright, next month, when I get off this day gig I’m on right now.

I was Pondering the punch I packed into this memo to LH (leaseholder at large). I decided to be my own lawyer. I’ve asked geekboy about it. He is so very hesitant to use any sort of legalese. Right he is, we don’t want to start a neighborhood punk war. I think that’s what LL said she had, a punk. Anyway a landlord has to give the tenant a month of notice (or 30 days), such notice takes effect at the end of said lease period.

It really is hard to know what to do when you are looking for a place to live in New York City. Should I call up the lady on the bus who warned me months ago to take care they [evil developers] are going to bring that building down? Should I craigslist. My past and current landlords were obtained from Craigslist. Both of them have histories of substance abuse. How in the world would a person know that? I’ve never been around someone who had those kind of problems. Its not easy to tell. I think I should walk around NYC in all the places I would like to live (wall street where I work, flatiron where I do yoga, i could even stretch and go back to hell’s kitchen (another yoga studio)). There are all kinds of notices out on the street, in the stores and in talking to the doormen and supers of buildings. I am telling as many yogis as I possibly can. Also yapping about it at work. Yapping is good when you want an apartment. Yes, that’s what I am going to do. My life is real not virtual. I need real tactics to find a place that will be stable for once in a very long time.


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