In a world of guerilla apartment hunters how do I stand out?

First off I had to ask who is the customer in the real estate world?

Hands down, unanimous, the landlord.

In the real world, guerilla marketing commands:

1. What is the economy?
apparently, .089% vacancy rate

2. Who are my competitors?
Students, Students, Students.

3. Tech savvy?
What? Back to Craigslist again? no, get a blackberry

4. Newsworthy?
Yeah I know all about Jade’s Pod in Chelsea
[an idea by any other name would smell as sweet].

5. Marketing budget?
Can I afford business cards for the occasion? Yes!

6. I stand one among the clutter.
[part of the process mantra?]

7. the Why of pick me?
[note: remember to bring along model portfolio]

8. of two marketing approaches, which am I, motivating or clever?
[Haven’t decided yet, could I just be funny? Funny is #1 in podcasts.]

9. Take the hum out of ho-hum
[convert to the Spirit of Tally Ho!]

10. This is a process (that needs to come in on deadline…)
Practice commitment, patience and restraint.
[do more yoga]

the above 10 were podded along with the help of Guerillas in the real world

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