Curbed move over New York on Tap is Here

I caught this ad on my blog. No I did not click. I typed the url into another window.

As an apartment hunter, I liked the straightforward ‘for Rent’ box on the site, New York on Tap (NYOT). Just click on what size box you want to rent and the latest prices and locations pop right up. Could we have a job-to-match pop up next to each price in the future?

There is a menu for “New York News” and this article was featured:
An Apartment With a View, and a Catch
Everyone wants a good deal on rent, or a bargain purchase, and the best ones almost always involve trade-offs.

And if while bartending at NYOT, you really do miss Curbed, there is a NYC blogs menu. Among the blogs, this article, Domesticated Pig Still Walking Streets of Fort Greene .

That’s right Curbed, Eater, Gawker, Gothamist, Gridskipper and Wonkette right off the tap at New York on Tap.

Lastly, an editorial, the Manhattan natives, covet their neighbor, Governors Island,
“a beautiful, uncorrupted waste of prime real estate.”


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