Snarky on Time’s Love, Rescued by PodMOMA

On Thursday, Time Inc. published 25 Sites We Can’t Live Without — Page 1.

Why was it that my first snarky thought was ‘without or what’?

1. — because it ‘rules the e-tail.’ ?
2. apple movie trailers ? ? ? ? ? ?
3. Blogger (now that’s just plain interesting)
4. Craigslist
5. Drudgelist
6. Ebay
7. and on and on with obvious corporate cache buzzing.

I did take a look way down on their list at The Museum of Modern Art because …MOMA is a PodMOMA. I was snarkily surprised that these online podcasts are downloadable for no fee. A great find. Well worth the cruise down Time lover’s lane.

check out 291, While I can live without it, it is interesting.

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