Starbucks deepens its culture with popup

Starbucks “Salon” will pop up after Labor Day in New York City.

Expresso! Get me to the beaning of your culture, ala Maison Louis Vuitton in Paris.

I think of Starbucks as salons already. What more do you want, every block of Manhattan? Just give em better service. Just push out the soy chai tea latte when I need it (with the soy). Ok, so I am not your addict starbuckers. They are probably so in to being popped-up.

Isn’t a Pop-up a product celebration, a highlighting of a product’s branding? [see Trendwatching, Being Spaces, Brand Spaces.] For Starbucks I’d rather be “Expresso’d instead of “Salon’d or even Salon Starbucks’d as opposed to ‘Starbucks Salon’d.

Maybe I’ve been run over by too many starbuckers hustling their way out of the place and this is all sour grapes. I always wonder what New York City would be like now without the Starbucks invasion? Would we just smell like nicotine and would that be better?

here is the story via Springwise.
Popup Salon for Coffee and Culture

A trend hybrid, Starbucks Salon is a crossing between pop-up retail, being spaces and brand spaces.

Starbucks just announced that it will open a temporary arts and performance coffee house in New York City this fall. The Salon will be open September 8-17th, with tentative plans to pop up in San Francisco, London, Beijing, and Boston in the future. The concept builds on coffee houses’ history of being informal venues for arts and entertainment, and the Salon will feature both up-and-coming and established artists, including Ursula Rucker, Jose Gonzalez and Jim Carroll.
The coffee giant did a dry run in Utah earlier this year, at the Sundance Film Festival. A website and full program for the New York Salon will be online on August 25th, and the coffee house will be located at 76 Greene Street (in SoHo between Spring & Broome).
For more examples of temporary retail outlets, check out’s extensive coverage of pop-up retail. And while you’re at it, you might be interested in reading about the brand spaces trend, too.


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