From Austin a Helping Handball

New York Times speaks of The Housing Virgins of Manhattan . Its a story about well connected kids having a hard time finding a place in the NYC on a budget, i.e. $35,000 salaries equate to about $1,000 a month rental.

NYT bespeaks yearly ritual as they spin a fairytale for the rich. Maybe its the Starbucks’ vapors gone to bixth avenue’s head? For the vast mass of people in New York City this rich ‘play at struggle’ is a constant and an everyday thing, i.e. no homes, indentured to a leaseholder (paying said leaseholder’s rent) or serial sleepovers on friends’ welcome mat.

Ok without further sour tails, my niece, Candi recorded live from Austin last Sunday here.

I appreciated “Father Doesn’t Play Handball.”

[Her father is my brother, his son, DJ Good Grief, yells “Watch out Pop’s in the House!”… when the ‘father [that] doesn’t play handball’ comes around ; ]

After the last apartment I looked at yesterday, I did say to myself am I “a Late Afternoon Hooker” or are they?

At any rate I figure the way to get a place to live in the City where I have been slumming for the last 30 years is to ask someone from out of State. They are smarter. I have paid several times over in rent what they have bought several houses with. Yeah, so I asked Candi.

I also asked her:

Where is Candi & the Cavities in relation to Slum City?
[see Kick Ass with PAB]

“Slum City” was more rock and roll – more tough – faster- the songs were mainly about ourselves and our boy problems or being mad at the world.

In “Candi & the Cavities” I’m trying to make songs people can dance to and tell a story about desperate people and messed up families and relationships. Maybe like John Waters dates David Lynch who dumps him for Tanya Tucker???

Have you ever seen “Muleskinner’s Blues”?

I saw it last week and it was pretty inspiring.

Thanks Candi
Ok speak of inspiring, I am getting my keyboard out to do some hooks for my apartment hunter viral…image c2005-6 elise miller and michael menard

See also: Neo-Soul is in the Groove in Texas



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