Create a Dream Room, under a Cloud of Emotion

Once three, now two. Next week, America chooses HGTV’s “Design Star”.

The emotion behind the dream of the rooms the designers were assigned threatened to cloud their vision. The designers were shown the dreams of the three winners of HGTV’s ‘Dream Room’ contest. They were not told which dream would be their assignment until the home owner opened the door to their knock. Prior to assignment revelation, the viewer was shown both David and Alice fearing the rooms that they would face. Tym was delighted to be off to New York and even more so when he found the hurricane survivor’s dream was his to design.

There were so many twists in this episode, might this be what a tight mini-tornado spins?

The interesting part of this Reality TV show continues to be standing before the judges. So much can be learned at this juncture of the show. They tweak twists and turns before breaking. They intrigue the audience. It was a very hard decision they had to make this week. Ultimately Tym was not able to visually communicate the design vision required. He actually achieved exquisite work, good management choices and flawless, effortless presentation. He missed his dream by not stepping in whole body to the owner’s dream world.

The viewer is asked to vote on HGTV as to which room they liked the best. I voted for David’s room. He really changed the room to the tune of the kids. He became at one with them. Alice did her ‘drink me’ spin on things. Did her vision get smaller or taller? I think she almost missized. The room had a feel of Cigar Boxed in. As Vern Yip pointed out, there was that beautiful window and the very masculine chairs boxed it out. I would have liked to have seen a little tease of feminine in that room, a wonder that Alice could have landed.

Next week the remaining designers work live at Bryant Park, NYC.

See also: Design Star’s bios and the Episode Clips (on Monday)

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