To Craiglist or Not to Craiglist, is that a Question?

In the waiting room of yoga class today, there were all nays on the question, “Should I keep using Craigslist?” Not good, all around, basically it blows.

So far I have had two apartments through Craigslist. Yes they were bad. However, they allowed me to survive. The Williamsburg loft was incomparably interesting and scary at the same time. Its a book!

The Columbia U 6 flight place was boring and a chore. The subway station blows. Still, it allowed me to survive in a low standard sort of way.

Sometimes the universe gives us the unkind boot. I do however wonder where I will land. Someone said once, Do not Question the Universe. Was that Darth Vader?

This past week I saw a co-op indentureship around the corner. They were charging $80 for cable, however cable was not in the rooms. The interviewer was arranging for money to move and that was the first assignment in the contest of who shall star in the next ‘Month-to-Month Lease’ object. My show was cancelled; two days’ worth of people’s shows were cancelled, Only one could be the star.

Reporting on numerous craigslist links with people posting a faux apartment. I was told in various orders and combinations: ‘Where you want to live in this market is not a negotiable.’ ‘ It doesn’t exist unless you want to give something else.’ Craigslist committee cancelled the show of a guy who was seeking to indenture two female roommates to his newly acquired lease. His ad would have been alright if he hadn’t mentioned the gender.

I think Craigslist takes us to places we were not mean’t to go. Maybe ‘list’ networking is now so last year? Some have spoken on behalf of a faster moving society as far as uber luxury goes. I speak on behalf of an innovative and futuristic option. To have companies who offer jobs that come with a place to live. Or a place to live that comes with a job. Universities that accept no more students than can fit in their dorms or that already live within commuting radius.

I do have to ask the uber rich what happens when there are no more poor to weed out, what then? There will always be a bottom. Whoa be they who are the bottom of the uber rich. I mean what do sharks do when faced with only other sharks? Who do they eat? Great White Sharks eat other sharks. Glad I won’t be there.


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