Is Relevance Greater Than You?

Is Google getting relevance right?

Latest word in from Businessweek, 200 years of news archives will be dumped into Google with no financial benefit to Google except for making the information available to the world. Google claims this ‘premium’ info will be ranked by relevance. Google ads will not partner until Google gets the ‘functionality’ right.

Excuse me, isn’t Old news, old news. I have enough information already. And please don’t tell me that the top 10 news items are from 1806.

Google is not the only company on a quest for greater relevance IDentification.
Lycos seeks the ‘psychographic demographic‘ via video search.
Chimprawk discusses the ‘situational relevance’ dilemma of social networking sites, their peak and ultimate lows.

The movers in this relevance seeker category, social networking, do so by tapping a dynamic of ‘interest relevance’ or ‘needs relevance’. Facebook and LinkedIn meet needs of users for a certain timeframe, i.e. college or looking for a job. Debate here as to why Facebook is more popular. Is it the psychographic factor or does college consume more years than finding a job? Hard put for an answer, skip on down to Friendster and MySpace, for a scoop of interest needs. MySpace winning over because of its focus on media.

Is Relevance a per individual case, not a socialnetworker’s case?
Isn’t relevance what it means to you and not the herd?

Anyway, kudos go out to companies like:

IOTUM is a company that is ‘simply relevant’ when it comes to your communications.

… IOTUM Relevance Engine™ – a network-based communications platform that understands who is calling and knows what to do with the call based on the user’s preferences, priorities, behaviors, and other contextual information. IOTUM intelligently filters and routes calls – offering an enhanced user experience and enabling the quick deployment of innovative, value-added services.”

ChaCha a company that thinks you deserve your own guide, see ChaCha Underground.

Really, think of it, when the impossibly rich are going uber (better than you) why muck around with the crowd. Get some uber for yourself and have time to dance the night away.

If you are wired on this relevance thing already, go to Wired‘s People Choice, the champs and the losers. You’ll find on both lists. The lists are very educational, missing some hits, including some misses, like


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