Harnessing your Lovemarkers Diminishes the Brand

One of the most noteable examples of management control over the top is blogger. They did not survey or ask or moderate, they swiftly dealt their blows. First it was the flag tool bully and its gang of wisdom of the clowns and then….Blogger search, a mightily discriminatory search facility. It sought websites far and wide that were not even blogs, to include into their Blog search. Self-hate what a shame. Bottom line, masses of long-time blogspotters left. The community became a humongous hodge podge of porn, poker and spam. The blogger brand is no more. Try as they might, beta this, beta that, blogspot blogger remains a most contrived and pre-fabricated example of blog community. Its just plain not real. 80% of my readers come to me organically, mostly from google, yahoo! and msn. Zero to one come from blogspot. I think that totally blows however, I will not be chased away, I plan to stay.

Currently there are two social networking groups receiving such management attacks.

Facebook. Newsfeeds were installed that revealed more than what facebook users signed up for. They are giving it the brave fight. [An online petition protesting the changes already has over 55,000 signatures. There is even a Facebook boycott scheduled for September 12.

Kiyoshi Martinez, a critic of the changes who is organizing protests through SaveFacebook.com, a community action site ] Watch how management brushes them aside. story

Digg. The people who make digg aren’t the owners. The people who make digg are the people who are passionate about their diggs. Point blank. If you are in to it then digg if not then google. Simple as that. There is a fight for light over there also.
[Some of the site’s top users are freaking out about these changes. Some are deleting their avatars and bailing. ] Same management control freak syndrome in operation. story

Does anyone ever learn from past historical greediness? Yeah, its your toy and you’ll play with it how you want it. Yeah, enjoy playing alone.


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