Unhype Me


After suffering the hype of vacancy rates, government promises not meant to be kept, free legal advice and the super hype of paid legal advice… I’ve decided to cure my housing situation by just sitting back, studying the chess board, making strategic moves only when absolutely necessary. I’ve protected my things the next move is hers.

I stepped into Best Buy the other day as I broke my HP printer by putting some ink into it. There was an HP engineer there. His role was marketer/salesman for the HP printer line. Upon leaving the store I did have to ask myself are those nice features or is that hype. At any rate the guy did not know I had an HP printer as he talked about other lines offering same product. He gave me hugs with ‘insider’ knowledge that new models would be coming out during Thanksgiving. He had established an ‘HP community’ aisle complete with customers loving HP. I was invited to join. I am currently hyped on all-in-one so I did. The experience was preilluminated with current HP ad campaign knowledge, i.e. that marketers and designers will assume more of the engineer’s role in product. ….. and the engineers ……benched?

Fortune magazine has an article on “Breakaway Brands“. Standout winners are GEICO, Viking appliances, Apple store, Dove and Robitussin. All of these brands found ways to engage their customer in community, dialogue, we are loving you feeling and unhype me fulfillment orders.


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