If I Gas Guzzled I’d Use a Compass

Jeep that is…

after seeing these commercials.

Savvy use of bobblehead models, drums, billyrap and interesting product description voiceover and images…

Monday Gear

all catching ads for Jeep Compass.

The compass-like bobble pulling the name through and reaching into cache purchase power parts of the brain mojo.

Actually the name Compass is brilliant marketing. 47 million links in google. Compass is still “the” tool to navigation. I can just hear people saying in the future, I’ll compass over and bring over a few beers later.

These ads could be David Parmet’s giant lobster, “Viral Smoke N’ Mirrors..”

oops, the exterior design is a bit of a pit bull, but who cares they bounce….they think big…

tipped off by Daily Candy, “Think Big” “Like any smart shopper, you’re well aware that big is back…”

If Helga did not eat the lion then perhaps Jeep Compass will have a chance.


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