How Much is that Rooftop on that Building?

A question that begs asking after reading Daily Candy’s “Home Shopping“.

Werner Aisslinger has designed the Loftcube and its yours for $110,000. All you need is a place to park it.

Visions of Aisslinger:

“Real innovation is not only a matter of aesthetics and shape but of sophisticated use of technologies. A more nomadic lifestyle ….influences the constitution of daily objects….the future capacities of furniture will be linked to functional options like knock-down concepts, condensed volume-transportation, reconfiguration of elements, lightness….as younger urbanists change their apartment quite often furniture needs to be modular systems.

See further visions of Aisslinger at Studio Aisslinger.

Maybe you can subtenant from this $5,750 5 bedroom penthouse with huge rooftop deck?

Exactly what does use of hotel-style rooftop decks with superchic cabanas allow for?

In Williamsburg zoning for this loftcube could be a possibility.


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