Does anybody really get the "Red" campaigns in town

Ever noticed how these marketers like to color a disease? Pink for cancer and now red for AIDS. Don’t let them do it.

Its a point between hiding under the skirts of art and what do they mean when my poor eyes are exposed to these celebrated ads. The ads don’t make sense and the celebrity drive is pathetic. It makes me see Red.

The campaign does not sell clothes and it does not add any integrity or solution to the problem that is called AIDS. It creates a gap. You can waste all your dollars on medicine. Cover up AIDS all you want. You’ll not cure it. Its a social problem. Guess its too much to ask to look around and view the kind of care-less and self-ish society we are allowing. When did this all start? Was it the liars that escaped the Vietnam war while honest souls perished?

It is the great irony that the very people who propagate this disease are the people who model the campaign. So in the city that has become just one big Coney Island with rich freaks, etc. I just look askance as they keep mocking themselves, where is the Value?

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