Yes, I am white and you are Black

So I moved into a beautiful place where I am one of a few who are white.

It took a week for me to get used to hearing that white woman moved in, to realize it was just an honest statement and nothing more. Ok, there were a few frowns.

I grew up in Houston, Texas. We kids were the great social experiment that Washington wanted to pull off in the south. Everytime a black family would move in the neighborhood white families would start to move out. My family moved twice. Once for the first generation of kids and once for the next generation.

I find it fitting that yes I needed a place to live and this landlord would have me. I have really intelligent and nice roommates. They are from other countries and they work as interns at the hospital. My landlord is a really good person.

There is a real difference in the crowd at my new express subway stop. They are behaved. They don’t push and shove. You don’t see them eating on the subway. A lot less beggars and so far no drunks. Mothers with strollers don’t act entitled as they block the subway doors either.

Everyone knows each other in this neighborhood. They grew up all their lives here.

so Yes, I am white and you are Black.


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