Once a Hunter now a Gatherer

when it comes to leather…

ok I still have that GAP black coat…I like that coat its a keeper (15 years old, only slowed down by the dry cleaner)…

From last year I have a red lambskin coat. I hestitate to wear it because people on the street want to know all about it and if they can touch it. Its a wonder and wonderfully warm. Its a la Jil Sander.

Now I have a sofabed made from leather dyed red. I am just not into microfiber, it makes me sneeze and itch and it tears. The previous couch set I had was also leather dyed slate-blue. Some happy exurbanites now enjoy it.

I was not petified but I really worked hard gathering info to make the right vegan choice. It did not happen.

I have decided that my feet will go vegan this winter and every season thereafter. This society will never get ecofriendly if it doesn’t walk the talk.

Truth is my Canadian leather waterproof boots had already been rezippered and reheeled more than any shoe repair joint wanted to see, reject after 10 years of service.

At the Gatherer stage I found waterproof Earth Gidget Vegan Black for the puddles ($42 and no shipping charges at veganshoes.us) and water resistant, the Jen Boot from Vegetarian Shoes. I’m still looking for snow boots, that one might require a “Vegan Boot Hunter“.

This sofabed sure is wonderful.

Trio at Futonmania.com or in soho/noho/laho house of futons


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