Tokyo works Wonders in New York City

Yesterday evening I hung out at the Tokyo Fiesta in New York City.

I first attended the “3d Tokyo” film. We were provided with 3D glasses, a survey and a prize slip. I was impressed with Honda’s humanoid robot, ASIMO and the sumo wrestlers and 3D of course, upfront and personal.

Lots of great prizes at the end. The last prize drew a number that had two slips. The host suggested the holders get up and sumo wrestle for the one remaining original woodblock print. Ah but in the end, wrestle free, both of them received a print.

I was entranced by the koto performance of Masayo Ishigure. Masayo teaches koto at Sawai Koto Academy in New York City where “The aim of the academy is to shed new light on koto music by incorporating everything from Bach to jazz and thus change the koto from being thought of only as a traditional Japanese instrument into an instrument of universal expressivenes.”

I kept returning to Waves Transparent Blue where with a soft touch I could transform the image and sounds. #26 would love this tactile permission. He left a few touches on my plasma monitor at his mamas.

The work of the artist and inventor Norihisa Hashimoto beckoned me away from Waves. Hashimoto seeks to understand and reveal the dimensions of the natural world in his works. Shown at the Tokyo Fiesta lifesize and panorama ball.

I found links on the web to some of his work.

Sometimes images are more powerful than words.


Lifesize [Humansized insects]
Crossing Path

Norihisa Hashimoto on his work from MOCA Taipei:

“Space should by no means be understood in terms of a rectangular photograph. But we seem to tend to represent space in a rectangular form. Is it such a good idea?

Life-size ... By means of these enlarged images, I am hoping to show you the fine details of the insects; the richly colorful and varied views which are ubiquitous yet often escape us.

…the development of digital technologies should not alienate us from the Nature; instead, it should be used as a means to improve our understanding of the Nature so as to enhance our wisdom.

I will continue to explore new media with which to articulate, with ease and fineness, things and feeling that are missing from our sight in the world of advanced digital media. “


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