Hugless in Xian

Reuters reports on the Hugs that kept huggers sleepless and behind bars in China during a hug campaign==> here

Against a backdrop of terracotta soldiers protecting the emperor who unified China with great public works and much loss of life huggers today were rejected, observed with curiosity and hauled away by the authorities.

What is a real hug?

“The two people coming together take time to really look at each other. There is no evasion or ignoring that they are about to hug… You try as hard as you can to personalize and customize each hug you give… With a full body hug there is a sense of complete giving and fearless. Communication, one uncomplicated by words.”–Caring, Feeling, Touching

Benefits from a hug:
“safety, security, trust, strength, healing, self-worth, belonging, happiness and appreciation.”

Honestly, if someone on the subway asked you to hug them, would you?

How do you get to the hug?

Practice, Practice, Practice.


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