In Your Face Space

In the age of social networks, look books (oops, video look books), social zoning (zune), “In Certain Circles, Two is a Crowd” gives us the sociological lowdown of the reality that you are in my face.


Is it cultural or is it innate. The study report throws the term “American” around as if it didn’t include its original non-native base, the European.

I live in a city where the commuter is driven by vehicle, taxi, subway, bus, urban train, foot, skateboarding, did I leave anything out. So we are always elbowing each other or being elbowed with ‘no sorries’, putting newspapers in other’s faces as a barrier and sporting an ear full of iPod. iPod poses its barrier (unless with hookup for two) as it snags your umbrella. Can’t wait to see the social function or malfunction of Zune in the City.

It is a paradox that the two most popular sites for social utility are ‘my space’ and ‘facebook.’

Next time you’ve got zone emotions thank Edward T. Hall for proxemics and social zone. Probably some city planner was influenced by this My Space Father’s insights into your space.

The future of our face and space lies in the hand of author, Kathryn Sorrells, associate professor of communication studies, California State University, Northridge. The book, “Globalizing Intercultural Communications” might migrate your space or face rights across the border; i.e. in your face globally, permission granted.


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