Gotta Go? You have until December 31st

Cha Cha Cha! is the new way of saying I’m going to the loo. Thanks to Charmin’ Restrooms all over the world your flush is now a number and your trip to the w.c., a dance.

Today it was pourin’ in the NYC. We were at Times Square, just back from our trip to the Far East, Thanksgiving at Counter. A tasty vegan meal that ended with humble homemade apple pie. Thought we’d take a stroll to Virgin Records. Conveniently next door, a Charmin’ Restroom.

Geekboy would not like to hear the Charmin ‘ Mega Roll song again. He was waiting for me just outside the event, maybe a bit too long.

He missed so much fun. The words were hilarious with all the restroom attendants doing the cha cha cha as they pre-cleaned the restroom and then escorted each gotta goer to their relief destination. Strong, yet tender, about a relationship that was going to last, and all the moves.

And yes, there were Japanese tourists all around taking pictures.

The Flush-o-Meter claimed only 4 flushes in Pakistan.

You are rewarded at the end with a Charmin Mega Roll extender and you can also apply for this item online if you can’t get in line somewhere in the world this holiday season.

Imagine 4 rolls in one. That sounds like a roll you can mega share.

Charmin’ Mega Roll here.


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