"It takes only one shoe to change your life"

— Cinderella by Mariasch Studios.com

Now if I was a shoeseller I would get myself down to The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park and buy me some witty shoe slogans by Mariasch Studios.com. I am getting the above quote in a pillow with a fringe of little pink balls to go above the shoe rack in my studio. Now how did I get from no home to that? Practice, Practice, Practice. 🙂

I told Mariasch that I’d be blogging about “its just a shoe, buy it”, she gave me a wink 😉

As the Vegan Boot Hunter I’ve been wide and far this Thanksgiving season looking for the perfect non-leather or non-pleather boot. I found an Indian shoe store on the Upper West side, textiles mixed with leather. Then Vegan but is it breathable? from Naturalizer via Shoes.com at Amazon.

and on Target, a cool matte black rainboot, you can also purchase via Amazon.

Oops, forgot to look on the East Side but with thanks to The Marketing Show with John Follis (podlisten to Moo Shoes on The Marketing Show with John Follis here) I plan to follow the breadcrumbs to Moo Shoes. I think they’ve got the perfect boot for me (a Canadian boot). Check it out here. They’ve also got some pretty neat press clips here. Now that’s interesting.

Its true, budgetwise I’d be better off traveling the Amazon. However, sometimes its good to support your local far east vegan store. For me, to shop there is a tribute to vegan pioneers on the East Coast. In January I’ll have an opportunity to speak to the other vegan shoe pioneers on the West Coast. I’ll be hosted there by Linkshare Partnership Summit 2007 as one of the 10 Titantium Q2 2006 Award winners.

p.s. on the how did I get a bedroom and a studio thing. Geekboy said he likes the apartment but not the neighborhood. I have to ask you where else can you live where there is a City Hospital, a brand new 24-hour mega laundromat with at least 6 tvs and free detergent and a police precinct across the avenue…. A Broadway express line, one stop to two express lines….tons of great bus lines…. Oh, and let’s not forget, yesterday someone entering the building the same time as I upon realizing I was in the apartment below made an introduction. He said that he and four other policemen lived in the apartment above me and give a shout if I need anything 🙂


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