"Textiles and rugs are to a room what vitamins are to the body. "


IKEA is very popular at the other end of the hall, one of my apartment mates from Germany, has a large room decked out in craigslist IKEA.

I took a look at IKEA’s website and wow! what you can do with Textiles via IKEA. Ok I already knew. I use to frequent the factory outlet of Pottery Barn in Middletown, NY for Marimekko fabric (crazy about Marimekko). These days a hunt for Marimekko might best be started at Ebay.
Still, IKEA provides value to their customer not only in price and quality but with creative instruction via their website. Check it out here click, textile tips.

Wouldn’t this Orgel room divider be nifty in a studio that needs to hide some unfinished projects?

Ingvar Kamprad is IKEA’s founder, he developed some expertise in selling small items in his youth. When his father rewarded him for good work at school he invested in his own company IKEA. His initials and those of his families farms spell IKEA. An emphasis in simple, quality furniture with a budget in mind has garnered IDEA a 26++ billion dollar business. This owner uses public transportation and leads a frugal lifestyle. (hint, hint)

When IKEA first arrived in New York and Houston it was the smorgasbord dining that fueled my WOMMA and now …textiles…


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