A Banner Ad has lead me to the Ostrich Head

but first, a newsletter from IslandRecords sent to me to visit Fallin Out Boy which somehow brought me to YouTube and the Cingular YouTube Underground Winners Banner.

Ostrich Head //LaLa Films – Best Creative

Directed and Produced by: Jordan Blake Allen & Seth Freedman
VFX by: Farmer Brown
Editing by: Michael Polier
LaLa Films is now looking for future projects – please contact us lalafilms@mac.com

“showcased on the video game Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2004 and wrote the theme song for the 2005 skid row documentary, Life In A Basket. ..From a chance run-in at a Monterey, CA freestyle battle to the 5-piece collective that is currently rocking the L.A. scene, Ostrichhead is the sum of all its parts. MCs Loreaxe, Calmentz and Nowonder all bring a different stylistic swagger to the mic, while DJs Mes-E-Recspin and Ricketts the Wax Buckler lay down irresistibly funky beats. Singer Lyndsay Haldorson (SayWhat!?) keeps the boys in line, bringing a soulful melodic vocal that rounds out each and every hook-laden tune.”

Congratulations, well deserved. Film work frames and effects are farout with the group’s magical LA scene vibe.

For more creativity check out their website here.

They’ve got me dancin’, did I mention that I have studio, like in dance studio.


Never underestimate the banner ad….

I only mention that because I was listening to “Online with Bob Parsons,” last night, the prior show, 11/29/2006, and there was some discussion about how banner ads are ineffective. I love that show, but sorry, banner ads are “in.”


One response to “A Banner Ad has lead me to the Ostrich Head

  1. Hit us up and we’ll send you an album…

    -Ostrich Head


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