A subway Ad is ‘dafferent’

Look I am just your ordinary ‘dafferent’ subway rider…

Spiewak The Blue Warren Jacket, Winter Coats & Jackets for Women

so I was a bit alarmed with the risque marketing…

I know it started in November, but I just now uprapped it in a “B” car…

Spiewak Juneau Coat, Winter Coats & Jackets for Women

Its a bit much lately with R-rated Marketing — GoDaddy racy marketing … Daffy.. Risque.

I’d rather know whats up in the store than anything about the prices. So how are you going to get me there. Cause in New York the very fact that I am considering ‘dafferent’ is a result of my mobility. Mobility flexes my price muscle anywhere in tri-state area.

Spiewak Chernof Coat, Winter Coats & Jackets for Men

I’m in a ‘Forever 21’ and H&M Fave shopping comfort zone right now so how is “Daffy” going to draw me, the ‘young at heart’ shopper in, with a whip? Ok maybe the Euros will but hey for them everything in New York is a half-price sale.

Perhaps the ‘Daffy’ shopper is a family person oops return doesn’t fit?

Spiewak Air Force Snorkel, Winter Coats & Jackets for Men

Dafferent exposure has made a great impression, I’m writing about it and I looked it up and Kanter International (Ikea) is the agency of record.

Huh, hmm… fashion is my slave oops and so are prices.

Daffy’s to Unveil New Branding Campaign November 1 With New Agency of Record, Philadelphia-Based Kanter

Daffy’s Ads Encourage Shoppers To Be ‘Dafferent’


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