The tale of the yucan zip

One cold, cold day after a week of papercut after papercut and a roommate’s long-term visiting mom telling me that I looked like an officeworker…

hmm, yes after all that, I set out with a mission to travel the fareast for moo shoes, not mu shu as in chinese takeout vegetables, moo as in cow, but without the leather…

that’s the point no more apparel in my closets that speak animal……

on the way I just happened to step out on 34th street, forever 21 and then 3 buys at H&M, a pass on ‘dafferent’ (still impressed by their ad). Then “it” happened. It being leatheritous, the yes, maybe, no game. I looked in a window and there was a big check sign and I saw a yucan for the very first time.

‘Was it made from leather,’ I asked. ‘No, its too cheap to be leather,’ the sales bros, when asked, replied. I mentioned that the boot was made in Thailand (full of ecological and sweatshop problems). These people could have tattooed me.

I asked to see a box for further fine print, nothing. Highly suspect. The sales people at the foot locker said it didn’t smell like leather. So I said ‘ok I’ll get it.’ Afterall, the box said ‘just do it’ and the checkmark was one off my list.

Its a beautiful water resistant boot by Nike, Yucan Zip WS. By the way its for kids, as they make all the cool things for the kids. A youth size enabled my impulse item purchase. $29.

Alas tonight after I completed the acrobatics to get my internet up, a search produced the item on ebay, same price but explicit description: leather upper.

So return doesn’t fit will happen at the foot locker on Sunday. Too bad really that nike knows how to make great shoes ….out of leather…
Smart Storage for Sassy Shoes (100x100)

Pumas won Peta’s Proggy (as in Progress award) in 2006 and 2005. However where’s the vegan boot?
Not on Amazon at least, all leather:

and suede

and brother adidas also puts some leather in the boot.


Snow Paradise Boots



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