Dancing with Cookies

you’ll be …

when you order from DancingDeer.com. Every Globe Santa Cookie Collection purchase adds $5 to the Globe Santa project in Boston. Since 1956 Globe Santa has made sure no Boston child’s stocking was left behind during the winter holiday season. Many of his elves hang out at the Boston Public School System during the rest of the year. Last year these young elves-in-training collected and contributed personally to a $19,000 donation from: the Boston Public School System to: Globe Santa. Michael Naughton is the Globe Santa Correspondent with the story, read here.

Year round Santas, DancingDeer.com, Trish Carter and her employee-owned company, are pumping up their end of a year of good works with a commemoration of Globe Santa‘s 50th year, the Globe Santa Cookie Collection. The Collection stars two famous DancingDeer cookies, Molasses Clove Cookies [remember the Redsox Break the Curse campaign] and the Gingerbread Folk (famous around the nation, Chicago children will use a DancingDeer Gingerbread house kit for their December 16 Whole Foods project Whole Kids Club: Full Gingerbread House, 12/16/06, Whole Foods )

Oh! by the way, these gingerbread folk are Oh! with chinese 5-spice and all 54 of them also live in a beautiful tin, if you’d rather. You’ll still be giving as Dancing Deer profits sweeten up the Sweet Home Project.

Want to know more about how DancingDeer.com thinks? here

S-w-e-e-t ! Cookies with a legend that dance with their bakers, Makers of a better world.

Ah yes, nothing like cookies and an 8-oz of homemade soy milk 😉


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